Monday, February 21, 2011

new tea!

LOTS of new tea! I went a little overboard the last time friends and I ordered from Vitacost, and ended up with nine different teas in my "shopping cart." But hey, we had free shipping, so I HAD to stock up, right? :) The big boxes arrived today, and I couldn't wait to bust them open and see my purchases!

First, the Celestial Seasonings selections . . .

"Mint Magic" and "Moroccan Pomegranate Red" are both old favorites of mine that I have had trouble finding in my co-op lately; Target seems to carry a wide variety of Celestial Seasonings teas, but truthfully, I'd rather give my money to a business I care more about! I tried the "Tropic of Strawberry" earlier this afternoon, which is fruity, coconutty, and just plain delightful, and am sipping on a cup of "Honey Vanilla Chamomile" as I type. When I first saw that tea I thought, "OH . . . how soothing!" And, I was right! A nice change from plain chamomile, with a slight citrus fragrance and barely sweet taste. Mmmmm!

And now, the Yogi Teas!

"Ginger" is a must-stock at my house at all times, since you never know when you'll have a slight tummy ache, or just want a cup of spicy, gingery goodness! "Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut" is another of my favorites, and randomly, always makes me think of camping. (I think this past summer, TVH was one of the only pre-wrapped bagged teas I had on hand, so I drank a lot of it during camping trips! Funny, eh?) I'm so excited to try the red chai, "Mayan Cocoa Spice," and "Sweet Thai Delight!" I'm especially intrigued by the "butterscotch flavor" included in the Thai one. I think that's going to be my next cup! :)

Have you tried any of these teas before? What are some of your favorite herbal teas?

So, I'm going to keep drinking tea here, because it's STILL snowing, and I'm crossing my fingers school will be closed again tomorrow for Dan and I! Please please pretty please????? We just want to lay around and watch movies all day!!!! Here's hoping!

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aimee said...

I buy teas from vitacost too!