Thursday, February 24, 2011

organization for the tea-obsessed

As many of you have read, I recently purchased a load of new teas . . . and subsequently, have long outgrown what used to be my "tea cupboard." Now, keep in mind that I could fit about 12 boxes of tea in my old cupboard, plus a couple of different honeys and a small tin of sugar. Initially, I decided to leave some of my new teas unopened for a while, until I used up some of what was in the cupboard. Today, however, I had a total "a-HA!" moment, and solved my tea storage dilemma:

Yes . . . that is a cheap plastic over-the-door shoe organizer, holding my entire tea collection! Explain to me WHY I have never thought of this before? Each box of tea fits perfectly into its own little pouch, I can see everything I have and can organize it by brand/type, (nighttime teas, fruity teas, spicy teas, teas for sickness, etc.), I am using previously un-used space, (which is always a bonus in a 550 square foot apartment!) AND I freed up an entire kitchen cupboard!

Who knew $7.75 could make a girl so damn happy. :)


radioactivegan said...

that is an awesome idea! how handy. I'll have to pass it on to my parents, who also keep a lot of tea on hand.

Crystal said...

What a great idea!!