Sunday, February 06, 2011

sandwiches and a salad

Normally, I'm not much of a sandwich girl, but I must have been craving 'em today, because I've had two!

I made myself a fried egg sandwich for breakfast . . .

(I also added some pepper jack and local microgreens)

And a hard-boiled egg, "Garden of Vegan" tapenade, cucumber, and microgreens sandwich for dinner:

(The tapenade recipe is from the Tassajara cookbook Lunches, Picnics, and Appetizers.)

All of the sandwich action was interrupted by a salad at lunchtime:

More caesar, but topped with marinated, cast-iron browned tempeh. MMMMMMM!

I made cupcakes tonight, too, but haven't gotten a decent picture. I'll try again in the morning when the light is better!

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Anonymous said...

Im not really a sandwich girl either but we've been going crazy with the panini press lately. Something about crispy bread with melty daiya and veggies that is so darn good!