Sunday, June 05, 2011

turning around

Well, after my horrible start to my day, things have turned around, at least a little bit! After getting all of the pee cleaned up and my laundry finished, I managed to get a few errands done as well as a TON of packing and cleaning today! Woo! I even dropped something off at my friend Courtney's house, took a small load of stuff over to the new place, and stopped at the Wedge for a few essentials -- really, just coffee and mac and cheese. (What else does one need in life??) ;)

On my way home, I noticed "snow" in June!

Thankfully, not real snow . . . but all of that tree fluff sure does look like snow, doesn't it?

I'm looking forward to getting some relaxing done tonight -- I have a little "light reading" waiting for me:

(And don't forget that mac and cheese!)

Still would love links to/wonderful recipes sent my way!


Emily said...

Love your "essentials" - so true!
Are you looking for any particular kind of recipes?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! That June "snow" is making me miserable...allergies are really bad this year.

What kind of recipes are you looking for?


Sophia Lee said...

What kind of recipes? I have a recipe page but I'm not sure it might fit your tastes. One of them is kabocha mac and cheese. ;-)