Monday, July 04, 2011

FarMar on holiday, lower-cal banh mi, and diet check-in

Per a recommendation from one of my friends, I decided to wait to go to the Farmer's Market until today -- being a holiday, she promised me the market would be "as big as the weekend," without the crowds! Really? I was skeptical . . . and I guess, rightly so. She was right about the lack of crowds -- there were hardly any shoppers at the Market today, and really, hardly any vendors! (I had to buy eggs from the co-op! Gasp!) However, I was able to find all of the veggies I wanted from the few that came to sell today, and even a few things I hadn't planned on . . .

Here's what I got for $23:

Cilantro, chives, dill, lettuce, daikon, cabbage, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, green beans, grape tomatoes, and radishes. All gorgeous, all reasonably priced, and all local! Woo!

The second I saw the daikon at the FarMar, I started thinking, "must . . . make . . . banh mi!!!!!" Dinner tonight:

I based my sandwich on this recipe, with a few changes: increasing the portion size, cutting down on the mayo, and increasing the amount of pickled daikon/carrot and cilantro in the sandwich. (The pickle is the best part, don't you think??) Anyhow, the tofu marinade was spectacular, (I did add some garlic and ginger to the original recipe, 'cause I can't ever quite stop fussing, you know?) and even with my adjustments, my dinner still totaled under 400 calories. Sweet! I love eating a giant, spicy, mayo-y, tangy sandwich for dinner and still sticking with my "diet." Yum.

So, how's this whole "diet" thing going, you ask? Well, pretty good. I swear, this would be a LOT harder without my awesome app that makes it super easy to look up different foods, portion sizes, etc. And strangely, I've lost 5 pounds already. (Part of me really thinks I didn't get a completely accurate starting weight, so . . . I'm guessing I've really lost more like 3 - 4. Progress is progress, though!)

What have I learned so far? Eating healthfully really isn't all that challenging -- I just have to plan ahead. Also, I naturally eat about 50 grams of protein per day, (the recommendation for most women, I understand,) get more than enough fiber, generally eat a very low-sodium diet, consume more fat than this program thinks I should, (but I think it's operating under old "low-fat" ideals,) and get about half of my daily calcium needs from my food, even though a glass of milk never passes my lips. (I do take a multi, which finishes off my calcium needs for the day.) Also, since I am so active, I have had plenty of room in my daily calorie limit for treats such as ice cream cones, pie, cookies, homemade popsicles, etc. -- and I have given myself the freedom to take one meal "off" per week, especially since I have had so many parties and other social obligations involving food lately. (It's summer! I better enjoy myself a little bit, eh?)

Sigh . . . how did it get to be 8:00 already? Hmmmm . . . better start unwinding for the night, since I have JURY DUTY tomorrow morning! Boo. I would so much rather be at work this week! New job, lots to do . . . darn you, jury duty, getting in the way!


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I am so sorry about the market...I swear when I went on the 4th of July with a friend a few years ago there were just as many vendors as on the weekends and much smaller crowds. I am sorry!!


Catherine Weber said...

Dude! I got what I needed -- no worries! It was nice, not having to elbow my way through crowds for a change. :)