Tuesday, July 05, 2011


So, I was sitting around the apartment tonight, flipping through a magazine, when Oliver and I were startled by an extraordinarily loud POP . . . one of my bike tires blew out, just hangin' out in the apartment! Weird.

I had a giant, puffy kitty for a full five minutes following the explosion. He's still stalking the bike, howling, looking all confused. Poor guy.

Since the tube blew out, the tires are 15+ years old, I need a new rear light (the one I have is old, installed in a bad place, and not LED,) the chain fell off earlier this week, (although it slipped back on easily enough,) and I need a new computer, (I miss being able to see how fast I'm riding and how far I've gone,) I think it's time to take the bike in? :) Would you agree???? ;)

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Eileen said...

I have never heard of a bike tire just popping out of nowhere! Perhaps it was overinflated?