Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Magic Bus Cafe!

Now, I confess . . . I have been sloooooooooow to join in on the food truck revolution. Why? Well, I don't eat out much, frankly, and when I do, it's often for a special occasion/reason, so grabbing street food just doesn't fit the bill.

However, while art fairing today, I had the opportunity to try The Magic Bus Cafe!

Serving up all manner of hot dogs, made from meat or tofu, Dora and I spent a full five minutes staring at the menu in awe, trying to figure out what to order! After great debate, I settled on the "Mexicali Blues Dog" --

All dogs start with a toasted whole-wheat bun and a split and fried dog; the Mexicali came topped with refried beans, cheese, spicy relish, and pickled jalapenos. From my first bite, I could tell this was no half-assed tofu dog -- the high quality ingredients shined, and were combined in expert quantities for that great sweet-savory-spicy balance. By the end? My mouth was on fire, but in the best possible way. :)

OK. I guess it's about time I started frequenting more food trucks! (Well, beyond Cupcake's van. I have been known to treat myself to a cupcake on payday more than once! Red Velvet tends to kick off the weekend on just the right note.) What Twin Cities food trucks have you tried? Recommendations?


Eileen said...

Oh, I love the split & grilled dogs! I only wish there were more food trucks in my neck of the woods (in Silicon Valley, they tend to drive around to all the tech companies where I oh so inconveniently don't work...).

Anonymous said...

Do you work in St. Paul? The food trucks are parked on Kellogg on Wednesdays. We go every week. The Magic Bus is one of them. So is Cupcakes! Just sayin'! :)Karen