Tuesday, August 30, 2011

mainlining produce

Let's just say it has NOT been a healthy day for me, at least intake-wise. I ate both breakfast and lunch at school with the kids, and I realized, on my way home from work, that I was: 1. profoundly thirsty (thank you, processed foods,) and 2. hadn't had a single fruit or vegetable ALL DAY. The horror.

I decided that as soon as I walked in the door, it was time to start mainlining the produce:

A giant tomato and cucumber salad (with feta and olives,) two slices of toasted multigrain bread topped with baba ganoush and sliced avocado, and some fresh figs.

I feel better now.


Ali said...

That is SO SAD. Those poor kids probably went home and ate more processed crap. If YOU were thirsty and craving veggies, imagine what it does to their little developing bodies to miss out on all those nutrients. Tragic - we should demand more from our school food programs!

Catherine Weber said...

Well, in the cook's defense, the kids DID have fresh strawberries with breakfast, but I didn't partake because they are never organic, and there was allegedly some corn in lunch, (although I only found a few kernels,) and canned mandarin oranges were served with lunch, too. (Ew.) Most of the time, the food is better!

tweal said...