Tuesday, September 20, 2011

eating machine

Lately, I have been an eating machine. Has anyone else had this "problem" recently? More specifically, I can't seem to get enough spicy food, bread, butter, or cheese. (Vegetables? What are those??) :)

Seriously, though, I have still been eating my veggies . . . just not LOVING them, you know? Here are a couple of recent meals:

First, the second round of pad Thai:

I generally follow the recipe for "Brooklyn Pad Thai" from Vegan with a Vengeance, but typically add extra vegetable matter. The first round I added broccoli; this time, I added plenty of shredded green cabbage. Mmm!

Next, a reuben, and some leftover potatoes:

I confess, I have practically been living on grilled cheese sandwiches for the past week and a half. Why? I have no idea. :) I added tomato soup to my grilled cheese craving, and then progressed to reubens. I am really puzzled by this reuben craving, since I didn't think I really LIKED thousand island dressing, or sauerkraut, for that matter! But, gotta tell ya . . . I was eating the kraut straight out of the jar with a fork! Where did THAT come from? Luckily, I had some tempeh leftover from a simple meal this past weekend, so I only had to pick up a few other key ingredients to satisfy my craving!

For "dessert," I will eat an artichoke. :) (Giant artichokes have been on sale at the co-op this week! Why? Who cares! When inexpensive, eat artichokes!)


Anonymous said...

I have definitely been an eating machine lately too. But not butter or cheese or spicy food, lol...just about everything else, though. And artichokes are on sale at the co-op?! I must go NOW!!


Emily said...

I made a tofu reuben last year...SO good, I need to make again soon!
I love kraut. :)

Ali said...

Yum! That reuben looks awesome. Love anything pickled and kraut is high on my list!

tweal said...

I bet you are craving higher fat/calorie foods as winter approaches and your body tries to pack on weight for warmth through the cold months. At least, that is what I experience :) Bread and cheese are usually at the top of my craving list but even more so this time of year.

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

Seriously if it doesn't have a massive amount of heat, it doesn't count as food!

Anonymous said...

Umm, not to suggest anything, but that first paragraph was me during both pregnancy first trimesters. Carbs, carbs, carbs, some dairy and that's it. hee hee

I've never cooked an artichoke, I always just get them canned.