Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday brunch . . . OUT!

After church yesterday, Dora and I headed over to Tilia, tucked away near the Wild Rumpus Bookstore in the Linden Hills neighborhood, for brunch. What an experience!

Since the place was hoppin' by the time we rolled in, (around 11:30,) we elected to sit at the bar, which was probably the best choice. Despite the uncomfortable bar stools, (my only complaint about the restaurant,) it was an awesome place to sit! We had the not-so-busy bartender at the ready to fill our coffee cups and water glasses and answer questions about the menu, and we had an insider's peek into the restaurant, since the owner sat down next to us to enjoy his meal about halfway through our visit. (He was politely chatty, but not intrusive -- allowed us to get back to our conversation after a few minutes.)

And the food? Oh, the food:

I tried the "Slow-Poached Eggs in Parmesan Cream," which was, in a word, heavenly. Perfectly-crispy toast, perfectly-poached eggs, delightfully tart tomatoes, and the most amazingly creamy, rich, flavorful sauce. And let's not forget that green salad-like topping -- had to have contained plenty of sorrel, because it was so bright, lemony, and slightly bitter. Mm! The whole meal just sang, if you ask me -- so many flavors and textures going on, but perfectly executed, in the end.

The restaurant also boasts incredible coffee, plenty of gorgeous pastries, (I tried a banana muffin with cream cheese frosting, which was excellent -- rich, but not too sweet,) and a hip but not unwelcoming atmosphere. Pleasant-sized portions, recession-friendly pricing, friendly staff . . . let's just say I'll be back, and I'm wishing their location was much closer to home!!


Liz said...

Wow- That sounds fantastic! An excellent review- especially from a food snob ;)

Love that bookstore, too.

Gitchie said...

I love it when it all comes together!