Thursday, May 17, 2012

back to it

I have fallen out of two very good habits in the past year or so, and I decided tonight would be the night I officially get "back to it" --

Good habit #1: using my reusable produce/bulk bags when buying groceries

Good habit #2: cooking dried beans and freezing in 2-cup portions

Good habit #2 seemed especially important to me, as money has been a little tighter than usual lately, and we all know how cheap beans are to start with, and how MUCH cheaper they are when you cook them from dried.  Also, I recently read an article in this month's issue of Whole Living that detailed a variety of environmental toxins that screw with female hormones.  I don't have any issues, but I figure it's good to be aware and possibly avoid issues in the future, right?  I'm not ready to give up canned tomatoes just yet, (and oh, how I wish the glass jars of tomatoes were cheaper!), but I figure, skipping the canned beans in favor of home-cooked is a win-win, right?  And I'm taking Michelle's advice this time 'round, and cooking 'em with a chunk of kombu each.

What are your feelings and/or opinions about BPAs?

Maybe we'll have a bumper crop of Roma tomatoes in the garden this year, I'll teach myself some basic canning, and I can actually say good-bye to canned tomatoes?  Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

We try to stay away from canned anything but like you I can't give up the canned tomatoes yet. If i buy canned beans i buy the Eden's Organic - they use BPA free liners in their canned beans (not their tomatoes though - apparently there are no approved BPA liners for tomatoes). i want to get back to the habit of doing beans from scratch as well too!

Eileen said...

Soaking and boiling beans to store in the freezer is definitely worth it! Especially if you have a huge pot so you can cook a couple quarts at once. :) We definitely still buy canned tomatoes, but I am going to try hard to can a lot more of my own this summer.