Wednesday, October 17, 2012

snack attack!

So far, the weirdest quirk of my new job is this: I seem to be hungry ALL OF THE TIME.  I can't quite put my finger on why, but the last three nights, I've come home practically seeing red, I was so hungry!

I've decided I have to start being more planful about snacks, as I have plenty of (short) opportunities throughout my day to eat, but I don't think I've been packing the right sorts of things to get me through in better shape!  I wracked my brain, trying to come up with every snack I could think of that included at least a little protein, hit up the Wedge, and came home with the following:

In an effort to also avoid too many sweets, I tried to focus on snacks on the more savory side of the spectrum.  I thought of the following ideas . . .

Bagel w/cream cheese
hummus & veggies
pretzels with hummus or peanut butter
apple with peanut butter
wholegrain chips & salsa
ants on a log
cottage cheese
hard-boiled eggs
bars (KIND bars were on sale)
other fresh or dried fruits

Any other great healthy snack ideas for me?


Eileen said...

I was hungry like this a lot when I was tutoring learning disabled kids--it just seemed like I burned much more energy since I had to be so on 100% of the time. The thing that helped me most was a serious breakfast: big bowls of oatmeal with yogurt and fruit and nuts, scrambled eggs with cheese or rice and whatever veg was around, a couple black bean quesadillas, or the ever-popular dinner leftovers. Snacks: yogurt!! Scones--either savory (fill with spinach and cheese) or sweet & dense (oats & dried apricot). Or make a muffin loaded with nuts/peanut butter and bananas.

Catherine Weber said...

Eileen, I know a bigger breakfast would totally help, but I'm not always that hungry in the morning. :( I eat something always, and then try to pack a big mid-morning snack!