Saturday, November 03, 2012

Saturday morning bagels

I can't think of a better way to spend my Saturday morning than catching up on chores around the house while making bagels from scratch!

I slightly modified Cooking Light's recipe for Real Bagels by subbing 3 cups of whole-wheat bread flour for the white bread flour, and cutting the white bread flour back to a total of 3 cups.  (Whole wheat flour, in my experience, has a tendency to suck up more moisture than refined flour.)  I did use the optional barley malt syrup . . . and now I have a LOT leftover!  Any suggestions for how to use it up?

These were somewhat time-consuming, but worth it -- I have been on a MAJOR bagel kick lately, and these are SO much better than storebought bagels.

Light, chewy, and just plain delicious.  According to the comments on the posted recipe, these freeze well, so I'm excited to look forward to fresh bagels for the coming weeks!  My ONLY complaint about the recipe is that my bagels turned out quite large . . . almost too large for me, as I like to use bagels as a component of breakfast (i.e., egg sandwich,) or spread with Neufchatel for a snack.  At this size, (about 4 ounces of dough per bagel, for a total of 12,) they are nearly a meal in and of themselves.  Next time, I'll likely use 3 ounces of dough per bagel, and then the recipe will yield 16 or 17 bagels.

How do you like your bagel topped?

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Eileen said...

BAGEL!! I usually have bagel shop bagels--rye or whole wheat sesame with spinach dill cream cheese. At home, it's plain cream cheese and all the chopped greens I can find. These look great--I must try making some bagels at home!