Monday, November 05, 2012

Sunday night = pizza night

Lately, as in the last two weeks, we've managed to have homemade pizza on Sunday night.  I kind of like this tradition, actually!  It leaves something to look forward to for the tail-end of the weekend, and yields plenty of leftovers for the week, too.  :)

I was inspired to make pizza again this week, as we had everything on hand, except for a butternut squash, to make another Butternut Squash Pizza:

And as I was talking about dinner plans, John exclaimed, "you're only making ONE pizza?  That's not nearly enough."  ;)  Ok, two pizzas it is:

This second pie was loaded with olive oil, fresh spinach, chopped artichoke hearts, roasted red pepper strips, kalamata olives, parmesan, and feta cheeses.  Earlier in the day, we made a stop at the Holy Land Deli, so I found inspiration in the beautiful and affordable ingredients I picked up!

Do you have any weekly food traditions?


Anonymous said...

I love weekly food traditions! Growing up, Sunday night was always "popcorn night" in my family...we would (air) pop popcorn and have that for dinner with fresh cut up fruits and veggies :-) My mom grew up with that tradition and carried it on with us, and my grandparents STILL have Sunday night popcorn night every week! Such fun.

And haha--I also love that you made butternut squash pizza without the butternut squash :-)


Catherine Weber said...

Courtney, what do you mean? I used an entire squash o that first pizza!

Catherine Weber said...

Oh, I see . . . I was misleading. I bought a second squash for the pizza. I had everything on hand for the pizza, and it was an easy choice b/c picking up a squash was cheap and effortless!