Saturday, September 02, 2006

catching up!

The end of the week proved to be both busy and eventful for me. On top of helping friends move last weekend and all through this week, my employer and I decided to part ways Friday afternoon. (I had been planning on looking for a new job anyway, and they are looking at it as a "mutual decision.") I'm receiving one month's severance pay, so I'm not panicked. I will spend the next month job searching, interviewing, cooking, and working on the cookbook. I may be posting more than usual, since I'll be home A LOT with not an incredible amount to do . . . besides cook, that is! So, in the end, it's a good thing.

My master plan: I hope to get a reasonably well-paying office job (with benefits) at the University of Minnesota, because they have this wonderful program where they offer their employees FREE TUITION! (Something like one class a semester.) What does that translate to? Low-stress job, time and energy to work on the cookbook, and funds to work towards that degree in nutrition . . . are the planets in alignment, or is it just me? Now I just have to find the job!

On to the food:

1. I posted about the "Emergency BBQ Tofu" in the comments of my last post, for all of you who were wondering about it. :) P.S. Even if you didn't comment, read the comments, because Dori's is really funny.

2. Midafternoon meal today: (I felt yukky this morning, so I didn't eat anything besides toast and cereal until way after normal lunchtime)
Leftover blueberry pancakes (they are a little dark because they got kind of mushy in the fridge, so I re-crisped them in a dry skillet,) mango slices, Isa's Tempeh White Bean Sausage patties from VwaV, and some sliced avocado. (My avocado slices are usually perfect, but this one was ever so slightly underripe, so it was a little difficult to pit and peel. Sheesh!)


Eat Peace Please said...

Catherine, what positive changes! I hope that you get the job you are looking for and it sounds wonderful to receive free tuition. I wish my nutrition degree was free! I look forward to hearing about all your progress, the cookbook, work, and the nutrition curriculum (although I have a BS, not MS...yet), etc.

Now that food... first I thought the pancakes were burgers and I exclaimed "two!?". Then I read. I am glad you posted a photo of the whitebean sausage patties so I know what they look like. Are they sausage-y?

Have a good rest of the weekend and again, I am happy for you and your positive changes and I am sure it will all work in your favor.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you got a plan, sorry that it couldn't have happened when you were good and ready. I'm glad my post made you smile, but I was really serious in my speculation :) Thanks for the recipe explanantion. I love a good pan seared tofu sandwich.

Dori at the Bakehouse

madeinalaska said...

well, that looks like quite a power lunch.. good luck finding just the right job for you!
oh by the way you've been tagged for your list of things you think people should try before they die... its all the rage!

Anonymous said...

I work at the U of MN, and the tuition benefits allow you to take about 1 class a semester, and if you go over their tuition cap, you pay taxes on the classes you take--which is still less than paying actual tuiton! Good luck finding a job! If you take any public health nutrition courses, we just may meet one another!

Enjoy your month of cooking and job searching! I am sure we will all enjoy reading your posts! Although it can be stressful to search for a job, at least you have a plan and know where you are headed, which should make it a little less stressful.