Monday, September 11, 2006

Who needs a water dish anyway?



Freedom said...

That's so cute. I have a little desk fountain but I can't use it because as soon as it turn it on my gorgeous kitty climbs up and drinks it dry, which doesn't do good things for the motor!

Harmonia said...


At least it's not the toilet! Oh! Sorry Vivacious Vegan...teehee

Anonymous said...


I am loving your blog...sorry I am such a lurker!

Oliver is such a cutie...I love how he just drapes himself over the side of the sink!! My Maisy loves the sink too, and Milo is in love (I kid you not) with the tub faucet. Apparently our cats aren't alone--check out - very, very funny! :-)

I made a vegan quinoa/black bean "lasagna" the other night and thought of you...a very Catherine-like dinner! :-)

continued good luck with the job search...

jenny :-)

Anonymous said...

So cute! My cat is too fat to climb and do something like that. Oliver's a cuteness.

Catherine Weber said...

Freedom, my friend Tony had the same problem -- although his kitties wouldn't drink the fountain completely dry, so he just fills it up every day now. It's pretty funny to watch!

Crystal, Ollie would drink out of the toilet if I let him . . . I have a strict "lid closed" policy at my house, which all of my friends have learned to obey!!!

Hi Harmonia!

Jenny Tall! Hello! I'm glad you've been lurking all along! Thanks for telling me about that website -- I knew I had heard about it before, but couldn't remember the URL. Your lasagna sounds delicious. I should come visit you (and Maisy and Milo) sometime!

Leslie, that's too bad about Killian! Oliver is definitely a climber/jumper, still. He's stopped trying to get up on top of the kitchen cabinets, but other than that, he's still wreaks havoc on a regular basis.

Catherine Weber said...

Update: I submitted this photo of Ollie to -- perhaps a cat halfway in the sink will count?