Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Oatmeal, tofu, kitty, and SHOES. (Yes, shoes again!)

I am so bummed that I am only able to post once or twice a week these days! Alas. Anyhow, food this week has been pathetic at best -- I am in dire need of a trip to the co-op (headed there later this morning,) and have been surviving mostly on cereal, PBJ, pasta, and other assorted "fast" foods. I did manage to do a little cooking and photo snapping this week, however. Here goes!

This is really bizzarre oatmeal that I made for breakfast this morning. It's purple from lots of frozen blueberries, with a few other yummy ingredients mixed in. Yummers.

No matter how busy I get, I still manage to make time to scramble some tofu. Double-yummers.

Here is my "close by but not touching" kitty being weird. Yes, he is actually laying on my arm! This is the closest thing he has ever done to cuddling with me! (He barely tolerates being scratched atop his head, and will allow me to pick him up, oh, maybe once a month or so.) I was so freaked out by this display of feline affection, I had to snap a picture of it!

And . . . NEW SHOES. I really don't have a lot of money right now, and can't really afford new shoes, but was having problems standing 8+ hours a day on my current footwear (especially since we can't wear sneakers at work. I had one pair of shoes that sort of worked.) I went shoe shopping on my lunch break yesterday, and bought these Merrells! I can't tell you how pleased I have been with Merrells in the past, and these do not disappoint. I think Merrell is an awesome company, especially since they design shoes for women to meet the specific needs of a woman's stride and foot placement. While the pair of shoes I purchased is not vegan (sigh,) they have many vegan options on their website! Hooray for Merrell! No more knee pain for Catherine!

Off to get dressed and start my day. Today is my "Saturday," so Dan and I are doing something later. Hopefully, we'll have plenty of time to make a fun dinner tonight, because I have a GREAT idea!! Photos to come . . . !!


bazu said...

Good luck with dinner! I hope you enjoy your 'saturday' and time with Dan. =)

One of my cats is just like yours- she can't stand to be pet, picked up, etc. But sometimes, when I'm wearing scratch-proof clothing, I pick her up and squeeze her and there's nothing she can do about it. ha ha

Lindsey said...

I love tofu scramble too, it's the greatest :) I just posted a recipe here that you might like.

Aww, your kitty is precious! Some of mine aren't particularly prone to affection either, but sometimes I just snuggle with them anyway and they give in, atleast for awhile ;)

Have a good "Saturday"!

P.S. I've commented on your blog a few times before, but never had a blogger account until now. So, hi :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad to know my cat is not the only one who does not love to be held! He hates it, actually...but he is still sweet and cute--just like yours.

Enjoy your day off!

Anonymous said...

The picture of kitty is so cute! I know how precious those moments are. When Bailey snuggles up with me I don't want to move a single muscle for fear she might leave. Oatmeal looks great with the blueberry addition! Yummm!