Sunday, November 12, 2006

Oliver in the sky with diamonds . . . and food.

A high kitty:
(The catnip came out of the bag kind of fast . . . I don't think my boy minded a bit!)

Now, on to the food!

An immune system booster type blueberry and OJ smoothie with a couple of other "secret" ingredients:

My vegan lunchbox for work today: black-eyed peas, one and a half corn muffins, grapes, and a cookie!

Breakfast of champions . . . a leaning tower of leftover tofu pad thai:
(This came from True Thai, which is located on 27th and Franklin in Minneapolis -- rated best Thai in the city! Michelle and I ate there last night for a fun weekend treat . . . truly, some fabulous thai food!)

I can't seem to get enough squash this fall:

AND, there's hummus among us!

Hope everyone had wonderful weekends!


madeinalaska said...

your kitty ahh.. looks too happy!!
and yea hummus among us .. cute! all looks well in world!

Anonymous said...

love the food, especially the lunchbox, the grapes are so big! LOl
what a cute and a happy cat.

Crystal said...

Hummus is on my "to-do" list. Hopefully I can whiz it up tonight.

Love the black eyed peas (ha, the group and the food, haha).


Eat Peace Please said...

Such great photos! Oliver is super-cute (and high!). I'm a huge fan of your lunchbox, it looks wonderful. Those grapes are humungo! Secret smoothie ingredients?!

bazu said...

Oh, my, I could SO go for some leftover pad thai for breakfast! Perfect.

Melissa said...

Oliver looks like he relaxes after getting high...Logan bounces off the walls, literally, after he plays with catnip. He runs into us for a good hour afterwards, haha.
I've been making a lot of blueberry smoothies to use up my fruit in the freezer, but not fair for you to taunt us with a secret recipe!

Freedom said...

What a gorgeouss kitty! Your lunchbox looks great, I can't believe how exactly your muffin is cut, lol! Mmmm hummus!

raising_kahne said...

Your kitty is so photogenic! : ) yummy looking lunchobox! I have never had pad thai, vegan or otherwise. I wish I could find a place that had vegan meals though because Im a huge fan of japanese-style noodles/dishes. How do you like to eat your squash?? I would like to try it soon while it's in season!

Anonymous said...

massive grapes!

Hannah said...

Wow! that look smoothie looks awsome! I LOVE smoothies!! and hummis is always a winner with me to!
Great cooking job's!

Catherine Weber said...

Made in Alaska, thanks! My kitty was very happy. What do you think of "There's Hummus Among Us" as a recipe title? (It's in the cookbook right now!)

Johanna, I was surprised by the ginormous grapes, too! They have seeds in them, so I guess they have to be so big to make room for the seeds?

Crystal, what do you put in your hummus?

Leslie, one of my "secret" smoothie ingredients is near and dear to your heart . . . and a great source of omega-3s . . . any guesses??? :)

Bazu, I wanted to save the pad thai for lunch on Monday, but I just couldn't! I had it for dinner on Saturday night, and the leftovers made it as far as Sunday breakfast!!! Silly.

Melissa, Ollie is mellow at first, and then goes crazy in about a half an hour. It's a great combination! I love cats.

Freedom, Oliver thanks you for the compliment! I think he's pretty cute, (and I think he thinks he's pretty cute, too,) but I'm biased, of course.

Raising Kahne, I cook my squash pretty simply, but it turns out fantastic every time! Split the squash and scoop out the seeds, put about a tablespoon each of maple syrup and margarine in each "cavity," sprinkle the squash with salt and nutmeg, place in a baking dish, cover with foil, and bake at 350 for about 45 minutes, or until the squash is super-tender. Cool, scoop, mash with a fork, and serve or save for later. Yummmmmm!

Megan -- I know! They almost didn't fit in the lunchbox!

Amber, I haven't been in much of a smoothie mood lately, because it's been so cold, but I love them every once in a while anyway! Blueberry and citrus is one of my favorite combinations. Mmmmm!

Lively Mountain said...

I agree mana from heaven, tofu pad thai for breakfast.