Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I must preface this post with the following comment: I am generally quite the "tough girl," and have handled, with my bare hands, without feeling squeamish, worms, slugs, caterpillars (one actually pooped in my hand), butterflies, other insects (both dead and alive), honeybees, turtles, frogs, salamanders, a snake, chickens, and all manner of other animals during my time teaching at the nature center.

Now, I have a confession to make:

I have an irrational fear of squirrels. Now, we're not talking a fear of clinical-phobia proportions, but I really, really, really do not like squirrels. Not even a little bit. (I think it's their twitchiness that bothers me the most. They just give me the creeps.) When squirrels come too close to me, I usually squeak and hide behind my friends, if I'm lucky enough to be with someone! I am freaked out by places like the park by my house and the University of Minnesota campus where people feed squirrels, and they are, consequently, very adventurous.


Anyhow, I had to show you this postcard that my friend Marie sent to me a couple of years ago (we both thought it was funny!):
In case you can't read the text, it says, "Squirrel attacks averted by nature! Walking in the woods, we barely notice them, the squirrels. But with their superior speed, balance, and brutally sharp teeth, an organized group of squirrels could dispatch and kill a human with alarming speed. A quick dart of fur, a nip on the Achilles tendon, and down we'd go. Then the swarm of squirrels, bushy tails flying, ferociously attacking and assaulting neck, thighs, and other vulnerable sights. Within minutes, even strong men would be mortally disabled. Thankfully, squirrels are not very intelligent and they have very short attention spans. So far, they are incapable of organizing themselves into this kind of a formidable assault group. Today we are safe. Thank goodness."


Imagine my surprise when Christine asked me the other day, "do you guys have a squirrel cookie cutter at work?" I looked and, sure enough, we did:
I guess the kids in her class at work are obsessed with squirrels right now, and she wants to make squirrel cookies with them. [double shudder.] I have to run over tonight and drop off the cookie cutter on my way to choir rehearsal.

Here's hoping none of those squirrel cookies make it over to my house, eh? :)

Anyone else have any irrational fears they need to divulge?


Eat Peace Please said...

You are cracking me up, sorry! You better not show this to Kris (!!! Too funny, again... sorry. I love the cookie cutter.

I have an irrational fear of the oven catching fire and then catching the whole house on fire and not being able to rescue Killian. That's my biggest (hopefully not too irrational) fear.

Oh, and I have a fear of people slipping animal products in my foods (paranoia, instead!?)... hence the eating home/enjoying cooking a lot.

Catherine Weber said...

Nah, Leslie, I think my fear of squirrels is pretty funny, too! What an odd thing to be creeped out by -- especially when I'm normally Supergirl!

Judy said...

I have a totally irrational fear of worms. I always have, and probably always will. I am 24 and I still squeal when I see one in my path. And slugs too, but not as bad as worms. Give me snakes or spiders or squirrels, but don't you dare bring a worm near me.

bazu said...

I don't have irrational fears so much as obsessive compulsive tendencies. You know, how to pour water, and which dishes to use, and where to put things and stuff like that.

I think squirrels are equally cute and creepy. We have a mixture of brown and black ones in our backyard, and since we live in such a cold place, they get REALLY FAT come wintertime. Is there anything more hilarious than a REALLY FAT squirrel? lol

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Aw I like squirrels. I also have that cookie cutter! I made squirrel biscuits with it a while back, almost too cute to eat.

Personally, I generally don't like dogs, don't trust them.

theONLYtania said...

Two things.. firstly I do have an irrational fear! It's really strange but kind of funny. When I go up stairs alone, I feel like something is behind me like.. chasing me. So usually I run up the stairs two at a time and hold my hand out behind me. But.. if there's a ton of people around I don't have that problem.

Secondly.. you should see the squirrels here in West Chester! They are NOT afraid of people, you could walk within 2 feet (no exaggeration, probably less even) of a squirrel munching on a nut (or some trash) and he won't run away. It's amazing.

Freedom said...

Aww, squirrles are so cute. I live in Aus so I've never seen one but they look cute in pictures. My irrational fear... vaccuum cleaners!. Not because I'm messy - I'm actually a very clean person but when I have my own house all the floors are going to be wood or tiles so I can sweep them!

Anonymous said...

I have an irrational fear of ticks...seriously, just thinking of them makes me shudder and have trouble breathing! ahhhhh!

The squirrles around my apt are WAY to friendly for me, and since I live on the first floor, I often see them frolicking outside of my window...

Speaking of strange cookie cutters, I have an aunt who has a ladybug, a chicken, and an ant cookie cutter!

funwithyourfood said...

haha that is great

the only real phobia i have is flying. i HATE it. :P


Emily said...

I share your fear of squirrels! I am afraid they are going to jump on my head. I think it also came from college where the squirrels were so used to humans that they just weren't scared of us and often stood their ground on trails around campus. I even saw them eating ice cones, toast and hot chocolate. they freak me out!!

urban vegan said...

That's funny! They say the only way to get over a phobia is to immerse yoruself in it, so maybe making those cookies will be therapeutic.

raising_kahne said...

hehe. I think squirrels are cute, but I can understand why you are scared of them. I personally am petrefied of spiders. I go insane whenever I see one or hear people saying there's one around. Just thinking about them makes me shudder!

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

mice freak me out! i know they are very little, shy, and sometimes even cute --- but, please i don't want to see one. i've never had the opportunity to eat a mouse cookie. catherine, i've moved - hope you'll update me & visit. have a wonderful tofurkey day! :o)

Anonymous said...

i know its souns silly but im afraid of the dark. i will hate to sleep alone in the dark lol, yes i know isound like a little girl.:)

Crystal said...

Hey girl - long time no talk! I hope you're working this weekend...Ryan and I want to make it out there. Not sure what day though.

Hope you're doing well!