Sunday, January 14, 2007

free sharp things make me happy!

Wusthof Trident, a well-known manufacturer of fabulous knives, has a wonderful incentive program for people who sell their knives -- they return a small percentage of their sales to their salespeople, thus enabling folks who sell their knives to own some for free! (Their thinking is, if people use their knives at home and like them, they will be more inclined to say wonderful things about them when they sell them.)

Since my place of employment sells Wusthof, we get a gift card every month with a portion of our Wusthof sales from the previous month on it! In just two months, I was able to save up enough for a very nearly free knife and steel! (After the gift cards, I think I had to kick in seven bucks, which just covered tax.) See how pretty:


For you sharps snobs out there, that's a Wusthof Grand Prix 8 inch cook's knife, and their 9 inch steel. Wee.

Off to chop something. Who knows what I'll be chopping, but it will be AWESOME.


Michelle said...

one of these days, i'm gonna have to buy myself one really good sharp knife.. you don't even wanna see the sad looking ones that are lurking in my kitchen :(

Judy said...

That's a great incentive to sell more knives. I work in a hair salon, so I get free hair stuff all the time, and when I worked retail, I would get free clothes. But a knife? That's awesome!

Watch your fingers!

Amanda said...

Wow, that's a great perk! Nowhere I've worked has ever done anything like that. A knife like that will definitely make chopping more fun. :)

Mary Worrell said...

Wow!! Check out my blog...I just bought that same knife!!! Sooo jealous.

MeloMeals said...

That is so cool! Lovely knife..

funwithyourfood said...

Hope you're having an AWESOME time


Anonymous said...

Ohh...I am jealous! My knives are horrible! What a great incentive--and good job to you for selling enough to earn a free knife so quickly!