Monday, January 22, 2007

strange, but true.

Every once in a while, you make one of those meals that tastes great, but just doesn't "go" together . . . tonight I am having one of those meals for dinner. Why? Because I have some fresh sage I need to use up, and thawing a lentil burger was quicker than thawing a whole bunch of white beans (which would have made WAY more sense with the pasta.) And things went crazy . . . because I usually top my lentil burgers with a dollop of vegenaise, but I stirred in a wee bit o' prepared wasabi this time round. Finished product:
On the left, some whole wheat macaroni with green beans, butter, garlic, fresh sage, and a little romano cheese. On the right, a teriyaki lentil burger with wasabi vegenaise.

Strange, but true. And tasty, too.


Kelly said...

Hey you got to do what you got to do!

Judy said...

I do that type of thing all the time, kind of a mix-n-match dinner. And it's true, sometimes they are the yummiest meals.

Are your lentil burgers homemade? It looks good.

Freedom said...

So long as it tastes good, thats all that counts hey!

Catherine Weber said...

Kelly . . . shhh . . . don't tell anyone at work what I did! :)

Judy, yep, my lentil burgers are homemade. They are a little softer than a storebought veggie burger, but I LOVE THEM!! I based the recipe on an old turkey burger recipe I had . . . omitting the turkey, of course!

Freedom, right on!

Anonymous said...

This looks absolutely delicious Cath! teriyaki lentil burgers , YUM!

I am not a vegan myself but seeing the pics on your blog (and 2 others I often read on the same subject) I can see one could eat a tasty healthy diet with no probs.

(Canary Islands, Spain)

P.S= Put that passport to good use and come to Europe to see all the wonderful things we have here! :-)