Thursday, July 31, 2008

a home run!

I brought Missy's cake into work this morning, and we promptly sliced into it for breakfast. I cut an enormous slice for Missy, having a more conservative taste, myself. (I wanted to make sure Missy had plenty of cake to take home with her for the weekend!) Her breakfast today:
As modestly as I can say this, this has to be the BEST cake I've ever made. By the end of the day, there wasn't much left for Missy to take home, because our coworkers nearly devoured the entire cake! Everybody kept exclaiming how moist the cake was and how perfectly balanced the frosting was -- not too chocolatey, not too intensely coffee-flavored, either. I must confess that I, myself, did have two pieces -- two slim pieces, but still!

AND, everybody was shocked that it was vegan! Pleasantly shocked, but shocked, nonetheless.

I'll be filing this one away for future repeats, that's for certain!


Anonymous said...

Yay--I am happy to hear the cake was a hit! That recipe is so simple and it has never failed! I am glad you enjoyed it. The photo of the cut piece looks delicious!


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

That cake is FANTASTIC!!!

Rose said...

Congrats on your great cake reviews!

Anonymous said...

YUM!! That cake looks fantastic. I'll have to give that recipe a try!

Anna said...

aw, man, that cake looks so good! I especially love the sliced piece. Good job, Catherine!

bazu said...

Oh, that cake looks fabulous. I'm glad everyone liked it!