Tuesday, July 01, 2008

a reputation

I have, (rightly, I think,) earned a reputation for my baked goods at work! The following conversation, (approximately,) happened this morning:

Me: "Carey, do you want a cookie?"

Carey: (looks up from computer, still thinking) "Wait, uh, what kind . . . "

Me: "Chocolate chip with walnuts . . . "

Carey: "Wait! You made those cookies. I want one!"

She then went on to describe how different, and better, these were from the last time I made cookies. (I can't remember the last time I've taken cookies to work. Must have been a hit!) The conversation continued:

Me: "I guess there's nothing like a vegan, wholegrain cookie at 9:30 in the morning!"

Carey: "Those are the BEST kind!"

Ha, ha!


J said...

What a way to show 'em how good vegan food can be. I love how your co-worker is convinced that your vegan cookies are THE BEST.

Now I want to try one of your world famous cookies....

Anonymous said...

Your reputation is well deserved, I am sure! Your photos of the cookies always look spectacular!


Anonymous said...

I'm not a baker but I am starting to think that perhaps I should bake up some vegan goodies for family who are all convinced I have lost my mind in going veg. Perhaps the cookies are more than just good eating - perhaps they have vegan super powers!