Friday, July 11, 2008

stocking up (the freezer, too!)

My friend Ann and I usually go for a walk on Thursday nights, and after our walk last night, she was kind enough to drive me to the co-op! I had a huge number of staples/stock-up things I needed to pick up, and it just wasn't going to happen if I had to carry it all home on the bus. See?
2 pounds organic black beans
1/2 pound raw sliced almonds
1 1/4 pounds raw whole almonds
1 1/4 pounds organic, local, rolled oats
1 3/4 pounds organic, short-grain brown rice
active dry yeast
organic, local, brown flax seeds
dried apricots
dried cherries

smoked mozarella

locally-made greek salad with balsamic vinaigrette (I hadn't had dinner yet -- and it was great!)

organic sliced peaches
organic raspberries
organic, local blueberries
organic pineapple chunks
organic orange juice
organic, local edamame

local, organic dried basil
local, organic curry powder

organic brown rice vinegar
powdered wasabi
organic nori sheets
vital wheat gluten
can artichoke hearts
6-pack Blue Sky raspberry soda
tube tomato paste
organic, whole-wheat couscous
organic light agave
organic stoneground mustard
3 28-oz cans organic, fire-roasted, crushed tomatoes
Rapunzel veg broth mix (I had wanted to make my own, but my email is down so I couldn't get into it for the recipe a friend had sent me! Rats.)
organic, extra-virgin olive oil
roll unbleached parchment paper
2 rolls Seventh Generation toilet paper
1 bottle Seventh Generation dish soap
50 oz Seventh Generation laundry detergent

one organic cucumber
one organic avocado
one whole organic watermelon
two organic limes
1 1/2 pounds organic bing cherries
local, organic, white button mushrooms
one organic red onion
three organic yellow onions
one organic zucchini

Earth Balance buttery sticks
Holy Land Deli hummus (local)
Holy Land Deli whole-wheat pita (local)

AND, even after all the walking, shopping, and putting-away of groceries, I managed to squeeze out a couple of cooking projects last night, too!

Watermelon Sorbet:
Holy Moly, this is amazing! I pretty much followed the recipe as writ, except doubled it, and used agave (1/4 cup for a double-recipe) instead of the called-for sugar. (Why? I'm actually low on sugar. Don't you hate it when you get back from the store and realize you've forgotten or overlooked a major staple? Grumble.) Anyhow, I can't even begin to tell you how much I've grown to love my ice cream maker this summer! Sigh.

While the base for the sorbet was chilling, I started one more recipe, too!

Basic Marinara:
This recipe I, again, followed as writ, except subbed fire-roasted crushed tomatoes for the regular crushed tomatoes called for in the recipe. I was seriously considering buying jarred pasta sauce yesterday . . . but stuck to my "Five or Less" guns and decided to buy the ingredients to make my own instead! I've made this recipe before, and it's quite delicious. Nicely spiced with a hint of fennel and traditional Italian herbs, basic enough to be used in a variety of recipes, but still having its own personality atop hot, cooked pasta. Since this recipe yields twelve cups, I kept three cups in the fridge for use soon, and froze three additional three-cup portions.

Pizza and sushi planned for this weekend, plus a trip to the Farmer's Market tomorrow morning!!! What will I find??? I can't wait!


J said...

WOWSA! That IS a lot of groceries, you would have to have ample trunk space to get that load home. I'm stoked to see what you cook up with all this goodness.

(Oh, and by the way, apparently there has been some confusion on my blog. Both myself and my partner Brett post on the Veg*n Cooking blog, so to know who wrote what, you'll have to look at who posted it. Brett wrote a piece about "less is less", and I got an email from someone discussing it, who had thought it was me who wrote it! I liked it though and your commentary was some good stuff to chew on as well.)

Crystal said...

I need to make that marinara sauce - would you highly recommend it or just mildly recommend it? Maybe I'll just half it.

*are you on purpose shortening the word "written" to "writ"? It's like blog shorthand, huh? That seriously cracks me up!


Rural Vegan said...

I love the color of your marinara! Good luck at the farmer's market tomorrow too!

Anonymous said...

Wow--you did stock up! Oh my goodness...cherries! YUM! I have been eying those at the co-op every time I have gone in there for the past month...mmmmmm....

Man am I jealous of your ice cream maker :o) Especially today when it is disgusting out and humid and muggy and in the 90s. I hope you are enjoying some ice cold watermelon sorbet tonight and keeping cool!!