Tuesday, January 06, 2009

few pictures, but great food!

I promise I put my camera in my backpack this morning, but promptly forgot about it. Apologies! FLOG, anyway . . . .

Two slices of cherry-pecan bread (a gift from a kid in my class . . . and I HAVE to ask her parents for the recipe!) an apple, black coffee, and my multivitamin.

Four pretzels I bummed off one of my coworkers, and a dark chocolate-covered caramel I bummed off another one of my coworkers. We preschool teachers are good at sharing. :)

We are off our campus for training this week, visiting our coworkers on the St. Paul campus, and their cook ROCKS. He made a baked potato bar for lunch today -- and it was AMAZING! I topped my tater with (his homemade) vegetarian chili, shredded cheese, sour cream, and fresh salsa, and also loaded up the rest of my plate with delicious salad with TONS of fresh veggies. (I wish he was our cook!)

Another apple and a couple of small pieces of candy.

Leftover veggie, brown rice, bean, and cheese burrito, topped with salsa, and coleslaw and orange juice on the side. Delicious and filling!

Two more slices of cherry-pecan bread. This horribly over-exposed photo doesn't do the bread justice, but I thought Oliver's nose was pretty cute, so, there you go.

45 minutes of yoga. My abs and arms are sore. I expect they will be more sore tomorrow?


I'll try harder to remember to use the camera tomorrow . . . I forget whether we're having stir-fry or quesadillas for lunch, but regardless, I must document accordingly!


Sharon said...

Wow, great eats for the day - mmm, delicious!

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Sounds delish!!