Wednesday, January 07, 2009

ridiculously phenomenal, ginormous lunch

Oatmeal made with almond milk and sliced apples, topped with a drizzle of honey and a scoop of peanut butter. Coffee not pictured, and I may have forgotten my vitamin today . . . oh well!

St. Paul's cook knocked lunch out of the park today: quesadillas (filled with beans, cheese, and tons of veggies,) beans and rice, chips and mango salsa, and salad. I must be honest . . . I completely overate, but it was completely worth it!

Even though I was STILL FULL from lunch when it was nearly time to head out for choir practice this evening, I knew I needed to eat something. The last of the cherry pecan bread (sad face!) and a tangerine made good pre-choir munchies.

I had a clementine, two sugar snap peas, and a cookie during our choir break. (People take turns bringing treats.)

Leftover lasagna!

Ehrm . . . nothing out of the ordinary today. Just the usual walking to get places, etc.


Just the other day, I was looking in the mirror and exclaimed, "man, I need a haircut." What did I find in my mailbox today? A "Happy New Year" postcard from my stylist, offering me $10 off a haircut! Hooray for Eunice! (She's the best haircutting person EVER. $10 coupon or no $10 coupon, my hair always looks fantastic!)


Sharon said...

Great eats, and especially your lasagna!

And wow, that is such a coincidence about the haircut thing! So nice!

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Holy yum!!

Hooray for the haircut coupon!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Three responses: Yum.. Yum.. and YUH UM! Left over lasagna is pure heaven. I have attacked my moniter with a fork.

Crystal said...

I tried your oatmeal recipe and it was awesome, but my oats don't seem as cooked as yours are...any suggestions?