Wednesday, April 22, 2009

busy, busy, busy.

I think I am the busiest laid-off person I know. :) All of this busy-ness (job applications and interviews, working at the store, bussing all over town, etc.) has lead to some blog neglection on my part . . . sorry 'bout that! I will now make up for lost time.


I made this for lunch on Sunday last weekend:
Cauliflower-Chickpea Tagine, from urban vegan. Isn't purple cauliflower fun? This was good right out of the pot on Sunday, but WAY better today for lunch -- this is a dish that needs time for the flavors to get all happy. :)


A couple of nights ago, I made Jennifer's "Everything" Granola Bars, which are FAN-TAS-TIC! (No photo . . . sorry!) I added a few more rolled oats and a few less nuts/seeds than she called for, (since I always feel like I could use a bit more whole grain in my life,) and would probably add even more dried fruit next time, but these bars are a tasty, healthy, quick burst of mid-afternoon energy or early-morning get out the door breakfast. I've been needing food like this this week -- thanks, Jennifer!


I hit the co-op tonight for a very few items:
I walked into the co-op with a very short list and $27 cash, and left the co-op with most of what was on my list, and $2 still in my wallet.

The meager loot:

locally-roasted, organic, fair-trade coffee

coconut sorbet

Seventh Generation recycled plastic kitchen trash bags

organic bananas
organic Murcotts (they are aparently like clementines?)
organic Italian parsley


This weekend's meal plan:

Friday Night: Matter Paneer and basmati rice
Saturday Brunch: eggs/chard/hashbrowns (we never ate this last weekend, so I still have a big ol' bunch of chard waiting for some happenin' action!)
Saturday Dinner: Herbed Seitan and Dumplings

And I have to work all day on Sunday, so no fun food for us. :( Oh well! (I'm still thankful for all these hours, don't get me wrong!)

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