Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Resolutions -- 2009

Happy Earth Day, everyone! (I wish I was teaching right now . . . those kids would be picking up trash all morning long! Rats.)

As long-time followers of my blog know, I avoid New Year's Resolutions if I can, and choose instead to make "Earth Day" resolutions. Here you are:

REDUCE: I plan to reduce my consumption of non-local foods. I hope to buy larger quantities of some in-season fruits and veggies this year, and even though I have zero canning experience, I can make use of my freezer, right? I also plan to investigate tofu-making, so I can use local soybeans and my Soyabella to make my own tofu.

REUSE: I have tons of spring cleaning/purging I need to do, and hope to make several large donations to places like the Goodwill. I have a twin-sized mattress and boxspring set, and one or two other things, that I will post on Twin Cities Freecycle, in the hopes that someone else can make use of these things that I no longer need!

RECYCLE: I'm kind of a militant recycler, so my goal this year is to install that behavior in my soon-to-be housemate and partner in crime/life. :) He does well, but I still find recyclable things in the trash from time to time . . . I pull them out, of course!


So, what are your green goals? And don't forget to leave the car at home today -- walk, bike, or take public transportation if you can!


Sharon said...

Totally take the train today - then again, I typically do. Hahah. =)
But love your list!

Crystal said...

I do a lot of volunteering with Bridging in Roseville and they also accept donations. It's a great organization and a good alternative to Goodwill on those household items.

As far as my green goal for today goes:
I want to reduce my processed food consumption (much better for my body and for the environment).

I must think of more goals :)