Thursday, April 02, 2009

pictureless grocery shop

I went grocery shopping with my friend Ashley tonight, (thanks for the ride, hon!), and although I was WAY too tired to set up everything for a photo, I thought I'd type up the ginormous haul anyway!

Before beginning, I'm proud to report that, although I spent a FORTUNE, I saved $7.50 using my quarterly member discounts, and had $12.76 in coupons and specials! WOO!

Also, just under 20% of my purchase was local. Not bad!

Here we go . . .

organic black beans
organic chickpeas
organic pintos
organic walnuts
local, organic sunflower seeds
organic pumpkin seeds
organic unsweetened coconut
fair-trade, organic, locally-roasted coffee
local, organic rolled oats
organic, fair-trade, dark chocolate chips
dried blueberries
dried apricots
organic golden raisins
organic dried cherries

local herbed chevre

organic raspberries
B&Js Phish Food ice cream
organic filo

local, organic dill

organic white vinegar
organic peppermint tea
pitted kalamata olives
artichoke heart quarters
organic no-stir peanut butter
Moroccan pomegranate red tea
true blueberry herbal tea
Panda black licorice
organic ginger tea
locally-bottled, fair-trade, organic vanilla extract
Seventh Generation TP
Seventh Generation kleenexes
Seventh Generation dish soap (one for home and one for work)
organic lite coconut milk
unbleached parchment
unbleached muffin liners
organic extra-virgin olive oil

organic cucumber
organic bananas
organic kumquats
organic lemons
organic lime
organic minneolas
organic asparagus
organic ginger root
organic spinach
organic basil
organic Italian parsley
local, organic mushrooms
organic red onion
organic yellow onions
organic green onions
local, organic yellow potatoes
local hydroponic romaine
organic grape tomatoes
organic carrots

organic superfirm tofu
Earth Balance buttery sticks
local, organic eggs


I have LOADS of cooking planned this weekend, including pizza, more frittata, jerk tofu, spanikopita, a new (to me) soup recipe, granola, more scones, and pounds of dried beans to soak and cook! Ashley's also going to come over on Sunday for a granola-making lesson -- she already has all of her ingredients, from tonight's shop!

If I can find my way to the computer under mounds of dirty dishes, I'll post plenty of pictures, I promise. :)


Sharon said...

Great haul!!! I need some black beans!! =D

Anonymous said...

wow what a lot of groceries. I am always amazed at your grocery trips. NO worries about the photos.

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

that's one heck of a list! jerk tofu sounds awesome.