Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday night pizza feast, take 2

I made pizza again this week:
I had several odds and ends type leftovers lingering in my fridge, including a cup of cheese from last week's pizza, which I thought would translate very well into a pizza repeat this weekend! We weren't disappointed: half-wholewheat crust again, (based on Artisan Bread's "Light Whole Wheat" dough,) the last of the artichoke marinara, leftover mozzarella, parmesan, sliced mushrooms, kalamata olives, leftover red onion, leftover spinach, and leftover goat cheese!

I'm impressed, since I'd never consider myself the queen of using up leftovers, until very recently. Lack of funds translates into creativity in the kitchen, I guess! ;-)

Happy Friday Night!


Sharon said...

Oh, yum yum yum!

J said...

It has been far too long since we have made pizza around here. That bread book seems like it has really been good. I am just now getting into breads so this might be a good book for me, especially since I know someone who is enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

"Artichoke marinara" sounds SOOOO delicious! Sounds like a great meal!


MeloMeals said...

Looks so good!.. and yes, lack of funds definitely translates into some creative ventures! In fact, I've developed several pretty cool recipes because of it!

Anonymous said...

I had a very similar pizza Friday night! YUM!

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