Saturday, September 26, 2009

last week's meals, this week's shopping

In no particular order, some eats and treats from last week . . .

A delicious coconut curry, using some of Dan's brother's CSA veg:

Brownie sundae:

Beans and rice:
We've been going through a huge batch of this every week. I'm still not sick of it, but I've decided we're going to take a break from beans and rice this week. You know, for the sake of variety and everything.

Enchilada casserole:
This is what you make when you find out you've purchased brittle corn tortillas that will not roll up, no matter how delicately you treat them. :)


I hit up two stores plus the Farmer's Market this morning, in hopes of picking up our weekly haul under budget. Sadly, we're over by $40 this month, which I'm thinking we might just "borrow" out of next month's budget, since we did so much stocking up on sale items and in-season produce this month.

The glorous Farmer's Market loot:
Clockwise from bottom row: red peppers (already roasted and frozen,) mini heirloom tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, a red onion, apples, lettuce, a mountain of grape tomatoes (currently being oven-dried,) and broccoli!

From the Asian grocery store:
Rice vinegar, tamarind concentrate, bean sprouts, limes, rice noodles, tofu, and brown rice.

And last, from the co-op:
Seventh Generation TP, organic bananas, organic fair-trade coffee, organic peanuts, Goddess dressing, unrefined peanut oil, organic mayo, coconut juice w/pulp, and three ProBars.

(No, the cat was not purchased at the co-op, just in case you were wondering.)


I picked up the ProBars since I'd heard good things about them, and knew I wasn't going to have time to eat lunch today. Another Clif bar will never enter my house! ProBars are delicious and nutritious and just plain awesome! Yum.


I have a few cooking/baking projects planned for tomorrow, so stay tuned! Happy Saturday to all!

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Vic Robinson said...

Looks like a great haul from the farmers market. Didi the kitty come from there as well. ;)