Monday, March 01, 2010

risk = success!

I took a risk in my kitchen this past weekend -- when I made tonight's lasagna, I didn't preboil the noodles.

Why such a risk, you ask? Well, I've had TERRIBLE (i.e., inedible) lasagna in the past, due to someone not preboiling the noodles. We're talking tough, rubbery, semi-crunchy grossness. "Al dente," to the extreme.

I was especially worried about using whole-wheat lasagna noodles in my kitchen risk, but I pressed onward anyway. I stirred an extra cup of water into my homemade sauce, and hoped for the best!


I will never again preboil lasagna noodles! Why dirty that extra pot and colander, when one can achieve perfect results without?

P.S. What is it about fire-roasted tomatoes that makes everything they join taste AMAZING???


Emily said...

I am with you on the fire-roasted tomatoes!!!

Jenn @ So Very Fabulous said...

That looks so yummy!