Saturday, August 14, 2010


I drove out to Delano this morning to pick up the second half of our Michigan fruit order -- blueberries and peaches!

Most of the blueberries are destined for the freezer, (I really, really, really want to make a pie, but we still have half a chocolate-zucchini cake left in the fridge,) but I did decide to make a big batch of freezer jam this afternoon!

Blueberry Freezer Jam
yield: about 5 cups

8 cups fresh or frozen blueberries
1 cup agave nectar

Combine blueberries and agave in a large (3+ quart) saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat. Lower the heat and simmer the jam, uncovered, stirring occasionally, for about two hours, or until the jam thickens to your liking. Pour into clean jars, cool, cap, and freeze until ready to enjoy!

Next up?

(Oh Blogger, I hate it when you think I need to rotate photos!)
My peaches aren't ripe yet, but that doesn't mean I'm not busy scheming up ways to use them!


Anonymous said...

Did the jam work with the agave?? Did it thicken up a lot? I am hoping it did because I am excited to try it out :-)


Crystal said...

Ha - now I'm catching up with your posts and duh, of course you have blueberries!

Thanks for the peaches - just made a peach and cherry chutney.