Thursday, August 19, 2010

more eggplant

Eggplant-themed meals continue! Dinner last night:

Italian Eggplant Ragout, from Vegetarian Times, tossed with whole-wheat elk shaped pasta from the marketplace at IKEA. (Who knew I'd ever find organic, whole-wheat pasta at IKEA? Especially organic, whole-wheat pasta shaped like elks. I had to try it.) So, the eggplant -- excellent! I made a few alterations to the original recipe -- I used one whole eggplant instead of two (and scooping the insides out like the recipe suggests -- what a waste!) and I didn't salt the eggplant first. I also used a can of crushed tomatoes (instead of diced,) since I wanted the ragout more "saucy" for the pasta. It was fantastic! A nice change from regular marinara. Dan and I both liked the chickpeas in there, too, even though neither one of us usually cares for beans in Italian-type pasta dishes. Yum all around!

So, my elk pasta got me thinking . . . what's the goofiest food item you've bought lately?

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Anonymous said...

Elk shaped pasta?!? That is too funny.

I never salt my eggplant either...I have never had any problems or bitter/bad tasting dishes as a result, so I figure it isn't really necessary :-)