Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Dan and I have been "upnorth" for the past four days, arriving home LATE last night! We left early Friday morning to spend two nights in a cabin in Beaver Bay, MN, with Dan's family, and then spent an additional night in a hotel (the luxury! no tent required!) in Grand Marais, MN. I think the north shore might be one of our favorite places on Earth.

The last four days have been filled with lots of hiking, a little biking, (we now have a bike rack for the car! Woo! Thanks Sandy and Pat!), great meals, giant ice cream cones, pie, quality time with family, beautiful scenery, waterfalls, fog and mist, shopping, reading, visits to four state parks, a smattering of food network watching, and plenty of relaxing.

Enjoy the photos!

During the trip, I had a chance to pop in the bulk foods store in Beaver Bay, the Cook County Co-op, and a few other cool places in Grand Marais. Treats from the north shore will be featured next!

Time to start the laundry. Does anyone else experience the phenomenon that vacations generate twice as much laundry as time at home? Strange.


Vic Robinson said...

This looks like an amazing trip! I am a total waterfall geek so I love these pictures! Soooo good!

Crystal said...

Ok, I'm going to be a little childish here, but we totally have to do a chuckle every time we say Beaver Bay.