Saturday, February 05, 2011

30 Healthiest Foods

I have been seeing and hearing quite a bit about a recent article from Real Simple -- The 30 Healthiest Foods. Have you read this article? What do you think?

There are some foods suggested in the article that I probably won't be including in my diet any time soon (chicken breasts, sardines, salmon, skim milk,) others that I already eat a lot of (almonds, black beans, broccoli, olive oil, mushrooms, oranges, whole-grain pasta,) and still others that I know I don't pay enough attention to (barley, chard, eggs, kale, lentils, pumpkin, etc.)

How do you feel your diet stacks up to these recommendations? What might you consider changing?

(Personally, I think anyone who tells me to eat more avocadoes makes a lot of sense! :) Yum yum yum avocadoes!)


Crystal said...

I like the list, but then again, I eat most of the foods on there! I should eat more barley though.

Anonymous said...

Oh jeez I hate those sorts of dime a dozen articles. You could probably find some variation in any women's magazine you picked off the rack at any time, along with instructions on how to lose 10 pounds.

Even though I avoid most animal products, I don't think eating them (in moderation) is totally unhealthy - IF they come from a reputable source - meaning no horomones, antibiotics, the animal is treated humanely and fed a natural diet.

Unfortunately this is not the case with the vast majority of big box supermarket and mainstream restaurant animal products, which all of these "healthiest foods" articles fails to mention!

So that's my knee jerk negative reaction. But if these articles somehow get people to eat more veggies, more power to 'em.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the link! They were mostly foods I would have expected from a main stream publication like Real Simple (which I enjoy--nothing against them). The only one that surprised me was skim milk. Really?!? With so many other ways to get calcium I didn't expect this to make the list. But, the dairy industry DOES have deep pockets...


MeloMeals said...

86 the animal products and I'm all for it. I do have a bias against Real Simple due to the face that years ago they published an article on saving time and one of the ways was for mothers NOT TO BREASTFEED! That appalled me

Catherine Weber said...

Crystal, I know -- I eat most of those foods, too! Nothing was really a "surprise" to me, except for the skim milk recommendation. (Sorry, but ew? The smell has always bothered me.)

Kelly, they didn't have any weight loss tips involved, thankfully! I do see a trend/shift more towards focusing on healthy eating, instead of pure weight loss. Have you followed the changes Weight Watchers has made lately? (They are finally saying that all calories are not all created equal!)

Courtney, I was surprised to see the skim milk on there, too. Calcium, yes, but they were also toting it as good sources of B vitamins and vitamin D. Eh? I guess. But skim milk is nasty!

Melody, I didn't know that! I've never figured out why people actually recommend women use formula! Hello, among MANY other reasons, breastmilk is FREE!!!! I used to work in an infant room, and was surprised to see corn syrup solids in nearly every formula. Gross!