Sunday, April 17, 2011

evil, naughty, monster cat.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I felt like baking, and my last four cups of frozen sour cherries I ordered from a farm in Michigan last summer were calling my name . . . I didn't have quite enough cherries left to make a pie, and didn't feel like mixing the fruit with anything else -- really wanted those cherries to shine in all of their tart-sweet glory. Mmm. Anyhow, so I decided to make a simple cherry crumble -- all of the juicy, fruity goodness of a pie, with way fewer calories and less complication, too!

I had a very busy day yesterday, so I made sure to protect the crumble from the cat until it was completely cool, (my cake dome often comes in really handy for this purpose,) and then tightly wrapped the crumble in heavy-duty foil. When I got home last night, I wasn't very hungry, but I wanted to try a bite of my crumble -- and it was SO good! Yum yum yum! Cherry has to be my favorite fruit dessert of ALL TIME.

Surprisingly, when I was in the shower last night, I heard an extremely loud THUD in my apartment. I popped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and guess what I saw in my kitchen?

Yes . . . the evil, naughty, monster kitty managed to knock the entire crumble off my kitchen counter, smashing my 9-inch square Pyrex to bits, staining my kitchen rug, and ruining all of my baking efforts!

Now, I'm not really all that upset about the baking dish, (I can always buy another,) and I can easily wash the rug. But the cherries? I can't replace the cherries! Sigh. I guess I'll have to wait until July, when I can buy another 10 pounds, and from now on, I'll have to put something grippy under ALL baking dishes, to keep them safe on my kitchen counter!

Damn cat. Damn, damn cat.


Liz said...

Oh no!!! So sad!
At least your kitty has good taste, though...

Emily said...

Did kitty get in trouble?! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Mischievous Oliver strikes again. I am sorry--that is SO frustrating. I would be upset about both the cherries AND the baking dish...but mostly the cherries :-) I have still never tried those sour cherries. I really want to!