Friday, April 22, 2011

the longest week of my life.

Good lord, folks, this has been a LONG week. It all started last weekend, really -- let me tell you what I've been up to . . .

So, I had a choir concert last weekend -- four hour rehearsal on Saturday, and then regular church on Sunday, plus a concert that evening.

Monday night I had my beginning Ashtanga yoga class -- I enjoyed it, of course, but my hips and knees were sore from all of the standing over the weekend. (I rested more than I usually would during a class.)

Tuesday night is when the true intensity began. I don't think I've ever mentioned this on the blog before, but my apartment building has had bedbugs, off and on for a year and a half, and my apartment has been one of the units affected the entire time. This week Wednesday was my THIRD heat treatment, in an attempt to rid my apartment, once and for all, of bedbugs. This heat treatment was especially stressful because my management company, (who shall remain unnamed, until I move out this summer,) tried to make me PAY for the treatment, to the tune of $1200! No way! I actually saw a lawyer a couple of weeks ago, who helped me assert my legal rights in a very professional, but strongly-worded letter. Following this letter, I no longer had to PAY for the treatment, but still had to suffer through it. Oliver spent the night on Tuesday at my friend Tiffany's house, and two friends came over to help me prepare my apartment for the treatment, including moving all furniture into the middle of the room, removing all pictures/posters/paintings from the walls, and collecting anything that would melt or be otherwise damaged by the heat and transfer it to the fridge. (SHOUT OUT TO ANN AND CHRISTINE!) Both left around 10:30 PM on Tuesday night, which is WAY past my bedtime for a school night, but was necessary to get the job done.

Wednesday night was recovery from the heat treatment. That took until 11:30 PM. (SHOUT OUT TO ANN AND COURTNEY!) I don't even want to go into how badly my apartment was trashed . . . let's just say, it was beyond overwhelming, and I felt like sitting down and crying a few times. But it's over, and nearly everything is back the way it should be. (Well, that is, except for the things that were BROKEN during the treatment . . . again, don't get me started!)

Thursday, I had a cat scare -- Oliver has been having difficulty going potty lately, and needed to be rushed to the vet for an enema. (Gross, I realize, but he was throwing up while trying to poop, so there you go.) $350, two sets of x-rays, and a very long wait later, he's "all cleaned out and ready for action," so says the vet! I now have to add more fiber to his diet, since he is "geriatric!" Who knew?? :) Do you think I'll have an easier time getting him eat applesauce, or canned pumpkin?

Today marked the first good thing that happened this week -- I GOT A NEW JOB!!!! Wahoo! I won't go into detail, but let's just say my current employment situation is less than ideal, and I found something else I believe will be a good fit for me -- much, much, MUCH closer to home, $1.50 an hour raise, better benefits, more flexibility with time off, better hours, (7 - 3:30!) and a whole host of other good stuff. I'm so excited for this, but I have been biting my nails for WEEKS, in anticipation of that phone call! I'm so happy!!!!!! Wahoo!

In conclusion, I'm EXHAUSTED tonight. Too much excitement in one week for this Catherine, let me tell you! I'm looking forward to a whole lot of nothing tonight, before the busy Easter weekend, thankfully! I think all I can manage is some miso soup, a shower, and maybe a movie before I pass out. :)

Hope your week was quieter than mine! Have a good weekend, all!


Victoria said...

That sounds absolutely stressful, and I am glad Oliver is doing better and CONGRATS on the job!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that does sound horrendous, with the bedbugs, etc... but CONGRATS on the job!! Hope you get rested and have a great holiday.

Crystal said...

Ugh, the heat treatment AGAIN? What a bummer! What a week!

I'm so glad that the upside to all of this is a new job - woo hoo!

Ali said...

WOOT! Happy for you and your new job!!!! Great news!

Anonymous said...

You did have a rough week, that is for sure. Thank goodness you got the *great* news of the new job at the end of it. I am so excited and happy for you! This is gonna be such an awesome opportunity for you!


Sara said...

Oh dear, that sounds like a lot of horrible things... I would hate it if my appartment got trashed, I hope you can move out soon!

But lucky there's also the good news :D Congrats!!

Emily said...

Catherine, WOW what a week!
I hope all of the nonesense stuff is finished and Congrats on the new job!