Tuesday, April 26, 2011

millet polenta!

Way back in December, a recipe for Millet-Cheddar Polenta with Roasted Vegetables from Fine Cooking caught my eye . . . I really don't eat much millet, but am always looking to diversify my diet, and I LOVE polenta (and cheese, obviously!) so I thought this recipe would definitely be worth a try.

Our foul weather today dictated something warm, creamy, and comforting for dinner -- and this recipe fit the bill perfectly!

As ever, I can't follow a recipe exactly as written, so I made the following changes:
~ I used a totally different combination of veggies, (wanted to use up some things I had on had, plus also wanted more color in the meal,) and tossed them with a simple combination of olive oil, salt, pepper, and plenty of minced garlic
~ I cut the amount of butter in the polenta down to two tablespoons; the polenta still seemed extremely rich to me, and I'd probably cut down to just a single tablespoon in the future
~ I found the polenta's texture benefited greatly from a few minutes beating from the stick blender -- more creamy, less lumpy :)

Now, I don't think I'll make millet polenta every single time in the future, but this was a definite winner! I'm happy to find another way to enjoy a grain that doesn't get much attention in my kitchen, for sure!

What are some ways you enjoy millet?


Sara said...

I only had polenta once, and I think it was millet. Unfortunately I didn't like it at all, so it was my first try and my last...
But reading different blogs and books, there are plenty of people who do enjoy it, so now I'm wondering wheter I should make it again or not ;)

(I made it mixed with paprika, in the oven).

Ali said...

This looks so crazy delicious I almost want to make it right now - even though I'm stuffed from dinner!!

Catherine Weber said...

Ali, I know! I LOVE Fine Cooking, even though it's pretty meat-heavy . . . their veg recipes are always all-star fantastic!