Sunday, July 10, 2011


I don't write much about my other hobbies besides food and cooking on this blog, so here's a little blurb about one of my other loves -- music!

Let me just preface this by saying . . . I am a GEEK. Yes, I love indie rock. Yes, I dated a drummer. Yes, I am a member of Minnesota Public Radio, largely due to the Current. Yes, I have sold merch at shows. Yes, I have been to so many bars, so many shows, gotten home at 3 AM. But . . . I also sing in my church's choir. And I'm really excited about a special project I'm involved in this summer -- there's a big convention of handbell choir directors in town this week, and I get to be part of the choir that is singing for their finale concert/hymn sing on Friday evening! It's dorky that I'm excited to sing with two wonderful handbell choirs, but there you go. I'm also taking voice lessons this summer!

Adding to my reduction in hipness . . . I can't seem to listen to anything but Jazz 88 lately. I love jazz music these days! I tried listening to Red House Painters this morning, but had to put Jazz 88 back on after a couple of songs. Excellent music to cook/do housework to, in my opinion. I also love the bluegrass show on Saturday mornings. And I love folk music. I have had "O Susannah" stuck in my head all weekend. :) (And yes, I have been singing to myself.)

I guess I also still love Nick Drake. The tiny tots at work do, too. We wish "Pink Moon" was twice as long. We are also enjoying a collection of folk music I ripped from one of my old coteachers, and tons of world music -- they are especially loving music from Mali and Cuba right now. (Toddlers like to dance.)

What kind(s) of music have you been into lately?


Ellie said...

I love all music!! Love the new Adele cd, love Wilco, love Led Zeppelin, Brett Dennen, Lucinda Williams. Almost anything but rap (well maybe an Eminem song or two) and not a big fan of Country.

Emily said...

I love most music, but my Dad always played latin/world music at home so that is always a favorite. I also love musicals, jazz, "The current" music and top 40 for working out. :)