Tuesday, September 06, 2011

3-day weekends are made for cooking

Wouldn't you agree? I had a lovely weekend, busy and full of fun with friends, but left myself plenty of time to make some delicious meals!

Quite possibly, the best brunch ever:

Poached eggs, greens (kale, this time,) roasted potatoes, and sliced "Kellogg's Breakfast" heirlooms. MMMMMM! If only I had the time to make this meal again THIS morning!

Two pizzas, one including more heirlooms, fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil:

And one classic "mega-veggie style," including mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, and loads of veggies:

Red onion, green bell pepper, sliced tomato, sliced olive, broccoli, and mushrooms, to be precise!

Cherry crumble, with local vanilla ice cream from Pumphouse Creamery:

I discovered jarred sour cherries at Bill's Imported Foods on Saturday afternoon, and I practically jumped for joy! Next time I'm having a cherry pie craving, I'll have to go pick up a few jars. For now, the two jars I bought made me deliriously happy -- more than enough foodie excitement for one weekend, in my opinion. :)

What did you cook over the weekend?


Ali said...

Yum. This post is mouthwatering. And I totally agree with the title!

Eileen said...

That brunch looks just about perfect. I love tomato harvest season!

Anonymous said...

That first picture looks like my perfect breakfast. Now I'm hungry....