Sunday, September 18, 2011


Look what I saw in the water, while walking around Lake of the Isles yesterday afternoon:

My fellow walkers, runners, and bikers seemed to just pass by, without noticing. I kept taking pictures:

While the zoom isn't that high-quality, you get the idea:

OK, so someone, somewhere, in the Minneapolis Parks Foundation has a sense of humor. Her name is "Minne," and she has her own website, is on Facebook, and also Tweets! Maybe I should take lessons from Minne in how to be more social-media savvy?

Any other locals seen Minne? I guess she travels all around the lakes in the metro, and has been spotted in the chain of lakes, as well as in Lake Hiawatha. She's three years old, now -- why am I always the last one to know stuff?? ;)

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Anonymous said...

She was on Lake of the Isles forever last year--I always wondered what was up with that. Thanks for the info!