Monday, August 14, 2006

veggies for breakfast

Tofu scramble is about the only way I can easily eat a bunch of veggies for breakfast. I felt like something hot today, and had a partial pack of tofu in the fridge, so I scrambled away! Side of toast with strawberry all-fruit, and a cup of coffee, of course.
Happy Monday, Everyone!


EatPeacePlease said...

Catherine, I just showed this to Ray and he thinks it looks so good and I've never made him a tofu scramble. Is it in the cookbook? If it is, I'll wait for the recipe (or test it, hee hee), otherwise can you email me the recipe? Thanks.
PS. Personally, I don't think I could eat this many veggies (or tofu) for breakfast, depending on how early it is.

Megan the Vegan said...

Wow - I've missed a lot of action over here at your website since I've been away!! I love the new format and colour and I LOVE what you're doing with your new camera. Great stuff...all of it!

KleoPatra said...

i would (and have!) totally eaten this for breakfast!!


Catherine said...

Leslie, I am putting the tofu scramble into the cookbook, and of course you can test it! I may not get it to you for a week or so, though -- I'm leaving town for a week at the end of this week, and need to search for my notes on the recipe in my files somewhere!

Thanks, Megan! I haven't been able to get to everyone else's blogs as much as I'd like to lately, which bums me out! Glad you enjoy my changes. It was definitely time to freshen up on my end. :)

Kleopatra, what do you like to put in your tofu scramble? I usually use whatever veggies I have on hand, but my favorite (and this combo happens to be what I had yesterday!) is onion, green pepper, mushroom, and tomato. Yum!