Saturday, May 21, 2005


I am so sick of writing year end reports I could just about spit. I'm making very little progress for a variety of reasons:

1. I don't sit still very well
2. The weather has actually improved somewhat and I want to be outside!
3. The reports are sort of boring to write -- easy, but boring.
4. I have lots and lots and lots of other things to do at home, and I've found coffee shops unpleasant for working these past few days.
5. I haven't been feeling the greatest.
6. I am nearly finished reading a really good book.
7. Great movies keep arriving from Netflix.

I do have to say, even though I've been plugging along writing, these past few days have been nice -- almost a mini-vacation. Possibly just the thing I needed to recharge myself before the craziness of the last three weeks of school!

I am pretty far behind in the writing, however. This week and coming weekend (happy birthday to me,) are going to be stinking busy. Especially since Christine and I will more than likely walk tomorrow and Tuesday night, Ann and I have tickets for a concert Wednesday night, we have a team meeting Thursday night, and I have a potential babysitting job Friday night.

I can't believe it's nearly June! Wow.

I discovered a fun website the other day: It has lots of cool recipes and other information about vegetarianism. I'm starting to realize that this flexitarian move on my part is a good thing -- I never realized how much less of an environmental impact eating (mostly) plants makes. It's pretty interesting!

Well, I've started rambling, so I'm off. Wish me luck in finishing these reports, and offer words of encouragement if you have them!

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