Saturday, May 28, 2005

Why I haven't posted in a while

Short team meeting with Natalie and Don
Home to make dinner, do yoga, and watch a movie

Home to make dinner
Walk Lake of the Isles with Christine

Home to shower, get dressed, and pack a large snack
Off to First Ave to see this rock fashion show with Ann, Ann's friend Michelle, and Michelle's friend
Get home at 12:30 a.m. . . . . .

Work (no Natalie in the afternoon -- we had a parent sub)
Home to make dinner and pass out on the couch

Work (no Natalie all day -- two subs)
Out for dinner with coworkers after work
Home to pass out on the couch

And now it's Saturday. I'm looking forward to a weekend of writing year-end reports again. Bleah. At least my birthday's on Monday -- that will be fun!

I think I've had too much coffee -- I'm having a hard time typing with much control -- my fingers are shaky and all over the keyboard! Gosh. Well, I'll leave it at that for now, then!

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