Sunday, May 15, 2005


I had an oil change this afternoon, then wandered over to Midwest Mountaineering to look for rain boots, since the ones I bought this fall are all leaky and cracking. I bought two pairs of SmartWool socks (buy one get one half off!) and a pair of Merrells . . . and I have to say, for seventy dollars, they are, singlehandedly, (or dual-footedly) the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned! And they are designed for hiking -- nice treads, water resistant, etc. I've died and gone to shoe heaven!

Since I babysat last night, (and I need a new pair of sneakers/work shoes anyway -- my Newbies are shot!), I didn't feel terribly bad about the purchase.

Then I went to R.E.I. They did have rain boots (a steal at $16!) and I also bought a CamelBak -- a backpack with a built in water system (there's this wobbly blue water "reservoir" stored in the pack, and a nice blue straw that snakes its way out and clips to the pack strap.) It's technically a children's model, but because my shoulders are so narrow and I have such a short torso, it's the perfect size for me! There are also a few zipper pockets (kind of like a mini-backpack) in which I can keep my first-aid supplies for work, a small notebook, pen, spare hat/mittens, etc.

I'm so excited to go to work tomorrow and try out all of my new gear!

My cat totally just tried to jump up on my desk, but didn't make it. The scrabbling claws on his way down were pretty funny!

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