Sunday, May 29, 2005

foiled again!

Ann and I attempted to go see "The Upside of Anger" at the cheap theatre in Hopkins last night . . . we were a little pokey and arrived about 5 minutes before the movie was to start. The line for tickets was out the door, down the block, and around the corner! Gah. We decided to go to Southdale instead and do a little window shopping. I tried on a few shirts at the Gap and New York and Company . . . I didn't buy anything because I don't have any money right now, but . . . I can't wait to have a little spare cash! I found a few really cute things that might work with a pair of dress pants for the upcoming wedding(s) I have to attend in the next year or so. Plus they would double as nice "going out" shirts.

After shopping, we went to Sebastian Joe's. I had two mighty fine scoops of ice cream -- White Chocolate, and Before Dinner Mint. (The ice cream base in the Before Dinner Mint actually tasted like butter mints! Mmmmm..........) I discovered the universal problem at Sebastian Joe's, however -- one scoop isn't enough, two is too much. Alas. Well, then I came home and did an hour's worth of yoga. Man, that particular yoga DVD kicks my butt . . . my arms, shoulders, and stomach muscles are a wee bit sore today!

I will be returning to Sebastian Joe's today to have a snack/coffee with Beth for my birthday! I may just get coffee this time.

Hm. I'm kind of hungry. (Well, probably because I haven't had breakfast yet.) I should do something about that!

I'm working on creating a digital photo album using my .mac account. I'll let you know what the url is when I get it all uploaded!

Oh -- if any of you are members of Netflix, let me know -- I'm looking for more "friends" to add to my list so we can recommend movies to each other.

This was a very random post. My apologies.

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