Friday, May 06, 2005

more owwies

I hiked so much today I actually have a blister! My ankles and feet just ache. But it was a mighty beautiful day to be outside.

I am looking at a weekend of zero plans -- and I'm excited! I have 5 year-end reports to write, a sinkfull of dishes to do, a newsletter to write, and some other little stuff to get done.

I left work a little early and stopped at the grocery store on my way home. Boy, did it feel good to get that out of the way! I was home, unpacked, and fed by 6:15.

Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I actually got TWO blisters from my six mile WalkAmerica walk. I need to get some new shoes for walking, or I'll spend more time nursing blisters than getting fit!

Catherine Weber said...

Did you know you are supposed to replace walking or running shoes every 6 months? I think I've had mine for a couple of years . . . time to go shopping, methinks!