Sunday, February 12, 2006

woe is my laundry

So, I cleaned the apartment today -- the bathroom got a good scrub-down, I dusted a little, and I also swept and mopped the floors. Hooray! I had a little laundry to do, and I wanted to wash the rugs, (I always hate putting dirty rugs down on clean floors,) so I thought about doing some laundry.

I had to wait over two hours just to get to use the washers. Now, my feeling is, if you have tons and tons of loads to do, (i.e., more than three, meaning you'd tie up all of the washers for longer than an hour and a half,) don't use all three washers and dryers at once -- have some respect for your neighbors, who also might be trying to do laundry. I just had to pull someone's stuff out of the dryer -- all three dryers, mind you -- in order to put my loads in. This person who is down there has a damp comforter strewn across all three dryers, but I waited a couple of minutes and figured, "too bad!"

The funniest part is, this comforter looks like it belongs on a king-sized bed. I used to have trouble fitting my twin-sized quilt in the dryers in my building and getting it to dry completely in one round. How in the world is she going to get this moh-foh dry?

I wonder whether she's ever heard of a magical place called the laundromat, where they have jumbo-sized washers and dryers? Hm.

Perhaps I should try harder to do my laundry on Monday nights.

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