Wednesday, June 14, 2006

chop chop!

(This post's title is especially for Michelle.)

I had a haircut today! Hooray! Why am I so excited? Because I haven't had a haircut since DECEMBER. Back then, I had really, really, really, really long hair -- over halfway down my back. Then I got fed up with it, had a gift certificate to a salon one of my student's parents owns, (her name also happens to be Michelle, but a different one from the post's title dedication,) and went in and said, "I'm sick of the long hair -- no bangs, but cut it off!" She ponytailed it because I had enough to donate to Locks of Love, chopped off the ponytail, and gave me a really cute, sophisticated, chin-length cut.

Then I spazzed out. It took me over a month to get used to it.

Then, I just let it grow. And grow, and grow, and grow. Lately, it's been looking like crap to me, although my friends keep telling me that they can't tell I haven't had a haircut in six months. But, what was a really cute short style was a sort of blah shoulder-length style. So I went to Michelle again today, said, "now I want to keep the length, no bangs, but something more interesting," and I have this really cute, feminine, layery-but-not-annoying cut! Hooray for Michelle again!

Unfortunately, her salon is all the heck the way over in Saint Paul -- boo! I'll have to figure out how to take the bus there once I sell my car.

Double bonus, though -- she's the "proprietor of the establishment," so no tipping allowed, and the cut's only thirty bucks! Not a lot to spend on a super-fantastic haircut, if you ask me!

A good hair-cutting person is a must find. I've been living in Minneapolis for nine years, and I've finally found someone! (Insert trumpet fanfare here:) Hallelujah!


Eat Peace Please said...

Funny you posted this because I just got back from Supercuts with Ray. No, I didn't get mine cut there (although I understand about finding the perfect haircut person). Ray just had them shave it all off because it's so hot here and he was sick of hair. I wanted to shave mine all off too, but I decided I may regret it in 20 minutes, so I just read some trashy celebrity and fashion magazines while waiting and I actually feel more stupid now.

Congrats on the new feminine, cute style.

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

what a feeling to get a great hair cut! i'm still searching for that special hair-cuttin'someone ~ i've been so disappointed in the past that i'm almost paralyzed with fear to keep trying! anyhow, i appreciate the magnitude of your discovery. :o)

Crystal said...

Congrats on the new haircut - 6 months is a long time to go without one! That reminds me...I need to go in the next 2 weeks and get mine trimmed up.

Ryan's sister has worked at some great salons in the past, so I get the discount - kinda makes a $90 haircut a lot more affordable. (I still can't believe some charge that much!!!)


jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Let's see the cute cut!

I actually found my preferred hairdresser at a beauty school, after of course shelling out cash for expensive cuts elsewhere. 5 bucks now!

Anonymous said...

i heart the title of this post. I was laughing when I read it. I can't wait to see your new 'do! :)

Dori said...

I was expecting some dazzling new chinese dish here, but glad you found a new "do"-er. $30 for a haircut! My budget would be shocked, but then I trim my own and that is once every year or so... cheap/cheap for my haircut blog entry.

Catherine Weber said...

Dori, $30 is a little more than I'd like to be paying, but considering I don't have to give her any guidance at all and my hair's never looked this awesome, I'm willing to pay it a few times a year -- I only get a haircut about four times a year, or less. Since I don't have super-long hair any more, I have to have it professionally cut! Ack.

Michelle, I knew you would . . .

Jess, welcome back to town! I used to go to the Aveda Institute for $12 haircuts, but those take hours and hours, and are often "just okay." I guess I'd rather pay a little more for a sure thing. :) I will try to borrow Michelle's camera to take some pictures of it for all y'all.

Crystal, I'm jealous of your discount!